The idea behind myTeacher

Robust technology, robust concept

When enrolled in the MyTeacher program the child will recieve a solid tablet together with a solar charger so that no electrical output is needed.

The tablet will access the internet through 3G, but all the educational content is preinstalled so that the child can begin learning right away

The platform
The MyTeacher Tablet
  • Tested concept

    The concept has been tested in Jordan, China, Sweden and Denmark (3 years)

    See the test results from jordan Here.

  • Robust, protected water resistant tablets

  • Mentoring ensures family support and motivation

  • Deal: Do the training and keep the tablet

  • $20 price per month makes it possible to implement in a larger scale

  • Progression tests shows the parents that their child is improving

MyTeacher Concept

• MyTeacher is the new world wide portal for voluntary mentoring for vulnerable and exposed children all over the world.

• We are connecting experienced mentors with families with children who need extra training to become better in school or where ordinary school is not available (refugee projects).

• Our mentors are professional teachers. They want to make a difference and are teaching alongside their fulltime job as teachers in recognised schools, academies and universities.

• The mentoring of the child is a combination of face to face meetings with the mentor (20%) and digital self training supported by the parents (80%).

• The parents are key parts in the process and the most important part of the mentoring is to motivate and educate the parents to support their child´s learning.

• MyTeacher and our sponsors are offering a rich variety of free motivating self learning tools available on the internet. Like e-books, videos, educational games, progression tests etc.

• At the course the child will get connected to an online trainer who will help the child min. 2 times at week.

• During course period the child will make different tests to measure progression. The test will be discussed with the parents at the meetings with the mentor.

• All courses are designed according to the specific curriculums from the local school the child is attending.

Want to know more?

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