50% off all refugee children around the world does not attend school

Meet our students

Enhance a child’s learning for $50 per month

The MyTeacher project aims to deliver a stable E-learning solution
for children around the world - primarily refugees.

The idea
  • E-learning
  • Robust devices
  • Around the world

The child gets a tablet with min. 3G connection


  • Minimum 3G connection on GSM net. + wifi (if available)
  • Pre-installed Edu-apps
  • Robust, protected, water resistant
  • Cost effective model

The mentor meets with the family


  • Educated local mentors
  • Teach the family on how to use the edu-tablet
  • Set up goals and methods for the courses
  • Follow up meetings

Learning supported by the parents

Supported self-learning

  • Personal online trainer from NGO partner from our web-portal.
  • edu-apps: e-books, videos, educational apps, games and tests. More than 200 hours of fun and adaptive e-training for each course.
  • Tablet stays with the child as long the educational goals are achieved
  • Personal education

    Progression tests
    Relevant curriculum
    Personal online trainer

  • Pre installed...

    E- books
    Educational apps and games
    Educational videos
  • Volunteer teachers

    Voluntary mentors
    Sponsored tablet
    Voluntary personal online trainer

  • Free applications

    Free educational apps
    Free E- books and tests
    Free educational videos

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If you want to read more about the project feel free to browse our website for more information.

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